angle-left CN MOST - SPOKE 7: CCAM, Connected Networks and Smart Infrastructure
3 Years
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Within the National Centre, the mission of spoke 7 is to establish new methodologies and solutions, as well as innovative testing and validation facilities, enabling the development of an ecosystem of integrated components for the management of infrastructures, networks, traffic, fleets of vehicles, and the provision of services to drivers and information to travellers. The spoke realises an alliance between universities, research centres and a wide range of economic and industrial stakeholders, aimed at developing a technological platform, consisting of an ecosystem of physical and digital components, cooperation models, development and integration environments, digital twins and testing/validation environments.

Among the wide plethora of activities of the spoke, SEERS lab is focusing on infrastructural assets (bridges) maintenance, addressing the following aspects:

  1. Development of a digital platform to collect and process different types of data referred to structural degradation phenomena of bridges;
  2. Development of simplified methods for the comprehensive assessment of reliability indexes of bridges, depending on time-variation of degradation phenomena;
  3. Advanced performance analysis of the of bridges through complex numerical models accounting for the influence of degradation of structural elements;
  4. Simulation of the effect of retrofit interventions with innovative material on the performance evolution over time of bridges.

As a proof of concept, the developed methods are applied to two case study bridges, located in south Salento and in the harbor of Naples, respectively. On-site surveys will be conducted on the case study bridges, to install structural health monitoring (SHM) sensors and to perform structural diagnostics. Several types of information will be collected in digital format, such as static and dynamic monitoring data, photos of degradation phenomena over time, geometric point cloud and construction material properties evolution over time.