angle-left Short Course on Seismic performance assessment of non-structural components

PhD in Materials, Structures and nanotechnology
Language: Italian

Date: February 19-23, 2024
Location: Department of Engineering for Innovation – University of Salento, Lecce

Description: The seismic performance of non-structural elements is now recognized to be a key issue in the seismic design and earthquake related loss estimation of buildings. The non-structural elements without seismic design generally exhibit damage at low seismic intensities and can significantly affect the immediate functionality of buildings. In comparison to structural components and systems, there is relatively limited information on the seismic design of nonstructural building components. The available codes and guidelines are mostly based on experiences, engineering judgment and intuition, rather than on objective experimental and analytical results. The main objective of the course is to familiarize with current knowledge on the seismic design and analysis of nonstructural components.
The nonstructural components will be firstly classified based on their importance and typology, then the main results of the research activities will be analyzed along with the current codes prescriptions. The methodologies available in the literature to evaluate the floor response spectra and to design the nonstructural components will be presented also providing some numerical examples. A particular deal of attention will be focused on two typologies of non-buildings structures: the pallet-type steel storage racks and the storage tanks.